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On Your Own Coast-to-Coast

This real-life simulation challenges your students to make it on their own in any of 12 cities across the United States. They will be in complete control of their finances and will have to live with the decisions they make.

Several options allow you to determine the length of the simulation, the size of their income, which city they live in and whether real life math problems are included. Your students can even choose from 20 different career paths.

Throughout the simulation “Life Happens” and your students have to deal with everyday expenditures, unexpected expenses and emergencies large and small. They will try to complete the simulation without going bankrupt while minimizing their credit usage and maximizing their Lifestyle Points. And each time they take the challenge, life changes.

Using the Teacher Management System, you can follow each student’s progress and view their budgets and spending each month.

Before you start, check your students’ personal finance knowledge with a pre-simulation questionnaire. After completing the simulation, you can measure what they’ve learned using the online On Your Own Assessment. This two-part assessment lets you choose the length that best fits your class schedule and whether or not to include math problems. And questions and math problems are randomized so no two students have exactly the same assessment.

All programs listed on CWPubOnline.com are included in your subscription. Plus during the life of your subscription, you’ll get immediate access to any programs added to the CWPubOnline suite.

Your students are in complete control of their finances as they practice the skills needed to be independent. They’ll have to stay within a budget while they make real life decisions in an up-to-date financial environment.
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