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Presale Support

Our simulations are appropriate for middle school, high school, college and adult education. We take care to define and explain technical terms that may be new to the student.

We offer an instant free trial of On Your Own Coast-to-Coast. Try it here. For, the other programs included in your CWPubOnline subscription, watch promo videos on YouTube or learn more about each program on our website.

Yes. The documentation that accompanies our simulations contains technical information, teaching objectives and activity answers and step-by-step arithmetic solutions where appropriate. Plus, you’ll have instructions for use of the Current Curriculum Library along with our alignment to Common Core Standards.

We currently offer a teacher plan, for one teacher and up to 30 students; and a school plan for building use, with unlimited teachers and students. Coming soon: We are in the process of launching a district plan for districts with multiple school buildings. Our subscriptions include all our programs from one low annual rate.

We accept school purchase orders, checks, and credit and debit cards. We accept orders via our website, phone, fax, email or physical mail.

You may request one by emailing Or download one from our website.

We process all orders within 2 business days.

Subscriber Support

Subscribed teachers can login to the Teacher/Admin Portal here. Enter your assigned username and password, and click LOGIN.

Students will need to ask their teacher or technology department to retrieve or change their logon information from the CWPub Online Admin Portal. Teachers can click the Forgot your info? link and enter their email address. If you’re still having trouble, email

Our simulations work best in full-screen mode. For Mac, press Command + Shift + F. For Windows, press F11. For Chromebook, press the full-screen key (usually above the 5).


Browser zoom settings and screen resolution can also cause problems. Adjust your browser zoom to 90% or change your screen resolution.


If you’re still having problems, email screenshots and a detailed description of the issue to

Under the School link in the Admin Portal, click the pencil to edit your school settings and make sure you have the logon hours set correctly. Remember, logon hours are set to the server time which is CST. You will need to adjust the times accordingly.

Yes! Teacher guides and admin portal instructions are available by logging into the admin portal and clicking the Help link.

Video Admin Portal Instructions

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